Me, In a Nutshell

(Help, I’m in a nutshell!)

I was born in 1983 and remember watching TGIF growing up.

I grew up in the South. I have 4 siblings.

I’m an introvert but sometimes you can’t shut me up. I cry at the drop of a hat when I’m mad, sad, moved by something I see or hear, or just overwhelmed with emotion (which is all the time). I cry when I sing in church literally every week.

I am an ISFP. (By the way I love personality profiling. More on my profile here, here, and here, or you can look up your own there, too.)

I find the dumbest/goofiest things funny. And I’m one of those people who finds farting hilarious (click on this video — unless you are 100% grossed out by the idea of passing gas, you will not be able to stop laughing… just try to breathe some too).

I love to encourage others.

I always pay my bills on time and am quite reliable, but I can be way too lazy sometimes too. I take life too seriously, and I’m working on that, although it’s hard-wired into me.

I’m OCD. Ever seen the episode of Big Bang Theory where Sheldon can’t stand it when Amy Farrah Fowler doesn’t finish the end of something (a song, a word, a game, etc)? That would drive me completely nuts, too.

I’m a people pleaser, and I really want people to like me. I’m no fun to play games with, though, because I pout when I’m losing and laugh at you when I’m winning — seriously. I’m horrible.

I’m a dog person. I had many different dogs growing up — golden retriever, pomeranian, peckingese, boston terriers, and so many more. My hubby and I now have a chiweenie. I’ve always wanted a bulldog.

I love surprises, I love change, and I love being impulsive, but the older I get the harder it is to find opportunities to be impulsive.

I volunteer at a Christian pregnancy center because I’ve always had an overwhelming love and compassion for the unborn. That’s probably the greatest irony in my life right now. It’s not my day job but I’m hoping maybe one day it will be.

I love fall. The bright yellow and red leaves, the cool sweatshirt weather, and loads of football. There is nothing better. And I love the entire month of December. Christmas to me is a magical time of year. Sparkly and magical.

I went to college in the South, but I moved to New Jersey (through the National Student Exchange) for my junior year just to get away from my little bubble. Did I mention I love change?

After graduating college, I moved to D.C. for 4 years. I had the time of my life, made tons of great friends, and met the man of my dreams, but my heart remained in the South. So we moved back South together, got married, and settled in.

TTC Journey

Fast forward 2 years. We buy a house and finish saving for some things, and we are ready to start a family (okay that’s an understatement — I’ve been ready). We begin trying to get pregnant in January 2013.

We get pregnant in February, our second month of trying. (Yay! Go us!) Needless to say we are elated. We tell our parents and siblings immediately, and all is well for about 11 weeks. I believe deep down that it is a boy.

April comes, and before we know it we’re just days prior to the end-of-the-first-trimester “in the clear” zone. I remember thinking, “I’ve made it!” Then, two days before we get to what I thought would be second trimester safety, at 11 weeks + 5 days, we miscarry. On my 30th birthday. And we spend the first half of the day in the ER, and the other half completely numb as to what just happened.

The miscarriage takes its toll on me emotionally and physically, and it takes my body over 2 months to fully heal and stop bleeding (no D&C; it was a complete miscarriage).

We started trying again in July and got a BFP on December 3, 2013. Our due date for this baby was August 14, 2014 (also our 4th wedding anniversary!), and our sweet rainbow baby — a boy — was born the day before. Now a family of three, our lives are totally different…but we are loving every minute of it! I now blog about my life as a mommy at, what I have dubbed, Cookies and Chaos.

That’s my story, in a (big) nutshell.


3 thoughts on “Me, In a Nutshell

  1. So sorry for your loss. How crushing! I ache just reading about it. Praying that you find healing in lots of unexpected ways…not least of which, your rainbow baby (I didn’t even make the connection I just blogged about to the idea of a rainbow baby…wow…praying for yours!)

  2. I stumbled upon your blog and read through your story. I saw that your baby’s due date was November 4th… I gave birth to my stillborn son at 28 weeks and his due date was November 4th… how crazy. Thank you for sharing your story and I will be thinking of you…

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