New Blog, New Display Name

I’m starting a new blog related to my breast cancer journey. If you’re interested in following me in this new phase of my life, you can find me here:

Cancer by Chance. Warrior by Choice.

I promise not to be depressing. Most of the time. If anything, I’m trying to find the funny in cancer (trust me, there’s funny… you just have to make it funny). I actually almost named my new blog “My Boobies are Trying to Kill Me” or “Real Boobs are just Overrated Serial Killers.”

I’ve also changed my overall display name from This Child’s Mom to Warrior by Choice, mostly because I’m going to open up this new blog to close family and friends, and I’d rather them not be led to this former blog by searching that display name if they see it in the corner. So if you see a comment on one of your blogs from “Warrior by Choice,” that’s still me. 🙂

My This Child’s Mom blog is just so much more private for me. It’s so much harder to get people to understand and fully appreciate the pain and isolation of miscarriage than it is cancer diagnosis and treatment – two totally different but equally hard things, but people don’t write off cancer the way they unknowingly, insensitively write off miscarriage (“you’ll have another”…”you lost it early, so it’s ok”…and so on — vs. “CANCER?! What can I do?!!”) And something in me really wants to be heard and understood by my close friends and family, after everything I’ve been through these past few years. Maybe because this new journey might break me if not. I can’t break. I won’t.

I may still post here occasionally. Like I said, this journey carries with it significant fertility risks. Having more children is something I still want, and miscarriage and infertility are very close to my heart…for myself and for many dear friends whom I know are still struggling.

Lots of love, and best wishes to you all. Thanks for your unconditional support and love over the past 3+ years.


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