Breast Cancer

So….a completely unexpected update on my life:

I was diagnosed with stage IIA breast cancer on August 2, and just started chemo treatments on September 9. At first I had a handle on things and even had a peace about my diagnosis, but now that I’ve started treatments, things are getting hard. Impossible, really.

This is a tough battle, and just as much a fight for your mind and heart as your body. It’s something I’m realizing is requiring more inner strength than I’ve ever exerted before. Fortunately, God has sent us overflowing love from so many people in our life, friends and family from all over, some we haven’t even seen in years. I’m floored by it, and it has helped more than anything.

This diagnosis, because it involves chemo treatment, also means our fertility is at risk. We opted not to freeze my eggs, as we didn’t feel God was leading us do to so. We did opt to have a Zoladex shot every month during my chemo to hopefully preserve my eggs. What that shot does is essentially put you in menopause during your treatment. The chances of regaining your fertility after treatments are completed, with this shot, are apparently 50/50, though I’ve heard of better outcomes than that. Chemo would have destroyed my eggs most likely, so this was the only option. We have a peace about it, but it is still hard. We were planning to start trying for another baby by the end of this year, originally. Now, if all goes well and we are still fertile when this is over, we will be allowed to start trying again around spring 2018. It is what it is, and right now, I haven’t been dwelling on the fertility aspect of this journey because everything else has been so difficult.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more, and probably beginning to use this blog as an outlet for this journey, but for now, that’s all.

In other news, Luke is two years old now and just darling. We love him so.


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