Sister’s baby

We just got word that my sister’s baby did not make it. Her doctor’s appointment was this morning, and now she’s in the hospital.

I’m heartbroken. I know this pain.

I know how she feels right this minute, and I can’t make it stop for her.

I’m honestly out of words at this point but I’ll have more to write later.

Please pray for our family.


12 thoughts on “Sister’s baby

  1. Oh gosh…I was so afraid that this was where it was going and would end. You have my sincere, heartfelt prayers for your family. We both know how awful this is for her. So, so tough. I’ll be thinking of you and your sister. Please let her know that there are lots of us out here who feel her pain and are praying for her. xo

  2. My husband and I had a conversation about the “You’re fine” line – and yes, it so feels like the person you’re communicating with does not get it. I understand your struggle – I didn’t have anyone I felt I could share my “fears” with after I’d lost a little girl half way through the pregnancy – at least people I felt I could so with safely – except this group of older women in our church – who stepped in as spiritual mothers – who prayed over me and for me – lifted me up like Aaron and Hur did in the midst of the battle. – and I got hold of this book – Kenneth Hagin’s Faith study book – and I’d read a chapter a night that told me about speaking faith – even though my mind was a battle ground between faith, fear, doubt and believing. I think it’s normal to feel fear – but I learned to push back that fear by speaking God’s promises. Oh, friend – standing in the gap with you right now, holding you up, praying that you feel God’s comfort wrap around you like a blanket, that you know God has it covered – He’s already working on it. Praying that when you have the fearful moments, you run to God like a 4 year old running to her father when some bully pushed her – and she knows He’s going to take care of it – protect her.

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