Christmas Cards

I haven’t gotten into the holiday season mindset yet. That usually doesn’t hit me until after Thanksgiving dinner, and then I obsess about getting our tree up the next day. I live for everything Christmas. The tree, the lights, the perfect balsam or mistletoe scented candle, what to wear to family gatherings. It all has to be special. It’s all so magical.

So I haven’t thought about anything Christmas yet, not really. Then I saw this today.

ccmas card ideas


I didn’t even think about Christmas cards. 

Every year since we got married, we have sent some out. We go onto a cute website and we (I) pick out the perfectly adorable, so-very-Christmasy card. Then we find our best picture. Sometimes we even take a picture for the occasion. J probably wouldn’t care if we sent cards out or not, but obliges me because he knows how much I love to do this. He even puts up with me wanting to get the perfect picture. Last year it took us about 10 shots to get it right (translation: about 1 hour, since he’s kind of a semi-professional photographer).

I used to get butterflies thinking about how one day, soon, our card would have a picture like this. I’ve fantasized about the day I could send our first Christmas card out as a family of three.

Guess that will have to wait.

This is hard.


20 thoughts on “Christmas Cards

  1. Oh my goodness. I was just talking to my husband about this today. I usually dress up my dogs (weird I know) but I’m the same as you. I always looovvveee Christmas cards and pictures. I said to my husband that I’m struggling a bit though because we were suppose to have a newborn this year. 😦

  2. It’s as if you read my mind on the way to work this morning. “Crap. Christmas cards.” I imagine Christmas looking and feeling so different through the lens of pregnancy. For the last couple of years, it has been kind of depressing, although I try so hard to tap into the Christmas spirit and the magic of the season. Thank you for reaching out to me. I look forward to following your blog and making a new friend. I am so sorry for your loss. You’ve really created a beautiful blog.

    • I’m glad to have made a new friend in you! Yeah, the Christmas card thing is really throwing me for a loop. I don’t even want to think about what Dec is going to be like. Sad for both of us 😦 . Hoping 2014 is the year…

  3. I am not looking forward to Christmas cards, especially since my due date was around Christmas. I think I just won’t open any mail and let my husband do with them as he pleases. I also don’t think I can muster the courage to send any out this year, either *Sigh*

    • Oh gosh I can’t imagine how hard Dec is going to be for you. I hope you find some really effective distractions to help with the pain of Christmas this year. 😦 Not opening the mail is a good start. Lots of love your way…

  4. It is the hardest day for me. I love, love, love Christmas. I get excited seeing Christmas adverts on TV, hearing Christmas songs on the radio, watching old Christmas specials of my favourite shows and discovering which new ones will be shown this season. I love shopping for gifts, wrapping them and delivering them. Then I wake up on Christmas morning and my house is empty where there should be chaos, and there’s just a couple of things under the tree and Santa hasn’t been as he’s no reason to and it makes for the hardest day. I hope you make the best of it and have a wonderful time but completely understand if you don’t x

    • I know it must be incredibly hard for you, year after year. 😦 I hope you still find some fun in the rest of the season…it sounds like you still look for ways to enjoy it, which is so much better than just letting it go by. Thinking of you xxx

  5. My husband and I always have our pictures professionally done and made into the cutest and fanciest Christmas cards, but this year I wasn’t in the mood…no Christmas cards this year :/

    • Oh Elisha, that makes me sad! I can completely understand, though. I hope you find some joy in the holiday season somehow. I was thinking about my friend who delivered her baby a month before I would have, and I just know she is going to send me her Christmas card. She’s my oldest friend, she always does. But I’m kind of hoping she doesn’t this year. I definitely won’t be able to put it on the mantle. Talk about a constant reminder. I like wombwarrior’s idea — maybe we should just all not open the mail in December. Bypass as much as we can to make it through. I’ll be thinking of you!

      • It’s not that I don’t have joy…it’s just that when I thought about making the appointment and finding the perfect outfit, I kinda thought…ehhhh. haha! It was always kinda stressful anyway so I decided this year we would just by pass it but I know that if I had a cute belly bump or lil mini me in the picture I wouldn’t have not done them.

    • You’re right, Dani. Your comment has made me want to come up with ways I can celebrate my marriage this Christmas — my biggest blessing. Maybe I’ll find some fun things to do for that and blog about them. Thank you for the good reminder.

  6. Believing you will one day girl. God has the appointed time already for your children to enter this world. Standing in faith with you that one day you will have a Christmas card with your babies on it too!

  7. I was so excited to send out Christmas cards this year with our new bundle. I refuse to do them this year and have a fake smile plastered on my face. But, there is always next year. Thinking of you xoxo

    • I know what you mean. I think it’s good for you to do what is best for you, what’s going to get you through the holidays. I know you must be emotionally wrecked right now thinking of this. I wish I could hug you!

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