November 4th & 5th: I’m thankful for…

Yesterday was a highly emotional day for a lot of reasons, which I’ll write more about later. For now…

First, thank you to anyone who knew it was my due date yesterday and said a prayer or two for me. I was a MESS last night (more on that later). I was in a state of mind that, there was no way I was going to be in a good mood today, or the next few days. I was so, so mad. So FED UP. But something amazing happened. My attitude changed out of nowhere. I woke up angry and distraught this morning, only to have a complete shift in my attitude happen just a couple hours later. There was no logical explanation for it other than, I know someone — many people — prayed for me between yesterday and today. It’s kind of amazing to see yourself do a complete 180 and not be able to explain it, to know it’s God bending you and doing something incredible in you, completely outside the realm of your willingness. And it was because of others’ prayers. It had to be others — I was too angry and depressed yesterday to pray for myself. So THANK YOU.

For my thanksgiving list, I’m going to keep this short and simple since I need to get back to work, but I have to play a little catch up today:

I’m thankful for God’s financial provision for me and J. We are not in need, but things can change in an instant — so I want to stop and take note of the fact that God has provided for us, and blessed us more than we deserve. I don’t think about that enough.

I’m also thankful that since April 20th, the sun keeps coming up each morning, and I’m still breathing. 2013 may have done a lot of things to me, but it has not driven me to despair. I am not destroyed. I’m breathing, and God still has a purpose for me. He hasn’t left me to figure this out on my own. No matter how struck down I feel, how mad I am, or how hopeless it all may seem some days, I’m only in the middle of my story. I know this is not where God draws the line in the sand. It’s where years from now He will point to and say, “My child, look what I did for you there. You thought it was all over. But I was just getting started…”

thank you


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