Every Time I Pause…

still think of you

November 4, 2013

Today was the day we were to meet you.
You are so loved and so missed, William.
The sadness is fresh again today,
but I am reminded that Jesus holds you in His arms.

You were so special to us.
You always will be.

Weeping may last through the night,
but joy comes with the morning. 
-Psalm 30:5

Our Sweet Angel


7 thoughts on “Every Time I Pause…

  1. Thinking about you today, praying that you will really FEEL the comfort that only He can give. Due dates are hard… I still “celebrate” the due date for our first baby. It’s an important day! BIG hugs to you!

  2. Your posts always make me cry, but I think that’s a good thing – it just means your words have touched my heart. Thinking of you today and praying for God to give you strength. I’ll be right there with you the end of next month. 😦

  3. I found your blog a few days ago and wanted to remember William with you today. My own two unfulfilled due dates are remembered every year. The first is so hard. It does change over time. I hope you can recall the precious moments of joy as well as loss. Love and prayers x

  4. Thanks everyone — Alexis, Jen, wombwarrior, and Krysta — for the thoughtful comments. Every single one of them made a difference to me yesterday. Sometimes a few kind words are all I need. The day turned out to be a roller coaster of emotions for a lot of reasons, which I will probably write about soon, but getting support from our sweet community helped me to keep going yesterday. Thank you!!

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