Pregnancy Center

I have been volunteering for a local pregnancy center for over a year now. Well before I started trying to conceive, actually. It’s kind of ironic. Okay, very ironic.

Anyway, the director of the center and I have a great relationship. She’s the sweetest person, with such a gentle spirit. We meet every couple of months over coffee to discuss the training/classes I can help with at the center. I’ll admit, sometimes I get busy and don’t make enough effort to keep in touch, but God brings it back to my mind often and I find that I have a soft spot for this kind of work, I have for years. There’s something about life at conception that has always fueled something in me. And it’s amazing how much that intensifies after you lose your own child in such a fragile state — I’ve always believed it… but now it’s very personal.

The director and I have even talked about me leading a miscarriage support group, which I would absolutely love to do if God gave me the strength. It would be incredible to be able to be there for others who are going through a pregnancy loss, especially knowing the kinds of things they hear from others and how much they need to hear kind, sensitive words. I’m kind of surprised that the idea of helping in this area doesn’t frighten me. Quite honestly, the thought of it invigorates me. I guess that’s how I know what God’s leading me to do, and why He put this passion in me long ago.

Last week the director asked me to become a board member of the center. To say I’m excited is probably an understatement. I’m just so honored. And I feel like such a grown-up!

She wanted me to pray about it but I feel strongly that God is laying out this path for me. I think in a lot of ways God gave me this specific struggle so I can relate to and comfort others who are hurting in this way, and offer them hope and encouragement. That’s what I want to do. I kind of have to catch my breath when I realize how God might actually want to use me in this area of my life. It’s probably just an inkling of the plans He has, but I’m excited to contemplate it.

I’m just so excited!!!


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