chart oct

*This post is just details about my cycle I’m writing down for myself, so it may be a bit boring to read. But if any readers see this and have advice or reassurance to offer, I’m all ears!

So my chart is looking relatively better since those two very low temp LP days.

With that said, I thought I ovulated on CD 17 or 18 (Wed or Thurs this week), by looking at my temps, my cervical opening, and my OPK+s. I’m pretty sure I had EWCM sometime in CD 14-18 window, but because of BD every other day I can’t be sure (I still can’t definitively tell the difference). It helps to know that I typically ovulate around CD 17-18, too.

[Although the month I got pregnant I had back-and-forth fertile cm for almost two weeks, which turned into delayed ovulation at CD 23, after I had essentially given up on that month. And bam — pregnant. WTF. I don’t get that much fertile cm anymore, not since my miscarriage. I now get about one day of it, maybe two if I’m lucky.]

Anyway, this morning I had a huge temp dip, on what my educated guess says is 2 DPO. I’m pretty sure I can chalk it up to sleeping with my mouth open and having a cold that I just developed yesterday. I couldn’t breathe through my mouth last night! But I’m wondering if it is really because I haven’t ovulated yet. So… temp disrupted, or cycle disrupted? My cm is creamy/sticky today and my cervix is fairly closed. ???

I know it’s a simple problem with an easy fix, as far as conception goes. Essentially, we just have to keep doing the dance. I’ll tell the hubby and he’ll oblige, although I hate making it a thing we have to do.

But it’s a little frustrating to have such a spiky chart, month after month. It causes me a lot of stress. Since August, it’s been a common thing for me to see an up-to 1 degree temp shift one day to the next, a couple times in the LP and a couple times in the FP, all in one cycle.

I’ll have to keep an eye on my temp the next couple of days to see if it goes up. If it doesn’t, I worry I might end up in a (gasp) anovulatory cycle.

And seriously, I can’t take a %*@*$!!! anovulatory cycle right now. I’m in a good place and handling the day-to-day okay, but that might just push me over the edge. Especially now, around the time I was due.

If it’s delayed ovulation, I don’t know that I can take that either. I’m starting to think that because I conceived the first time on CD 23 that my egg quality might have been bad, and may have been the reason for my miscarriage, or at the very least a contributing factor. Anything I can do to track down a reason, I guess. But I do not want that to happen again if I can see it coming.


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