This month's BBT chart so far. I'm currently on CD10. (Ignore day 4 -- I drank some the night before and it gave me a high temp in the 98's so I discarded that one.)

This month’s BBT chart so far. I’m currently on CD10. (Ignore day 4 — I drank some the night before and it gave me a high temp in the 98’s so I discarded that one.)

That’s how low my pre-O temps have gotten this month. I’ve had that temp 2 days in a row now. (And look at the 2 days before that — way up and way down.) I KNOW I can’t be ovulating yet — I’m on cycle day 10 and I usually ovulate between day 17-19. So I’ve got at least a week before temps should be lowering. But not this low, right?

The lowest I’ve ever gone is in the 96’s, on the day before and the day of ovulation (and that only happened last month). My pre-O temps are usually between 97.0 and 97.7 — average, right? BUT, my charts are very spikey. All over the place.

So I don’t know what to think.

I told my nurse that my charts have been spikey and she said to try to get pregnant for 6 months, and then bring my temp charts in and get tested if nothing is happening.

Thanks, that’s real helpful. How about I just punch you in the face.

I like my nurse and new doctors but I’m so tired of hearing textbook answers — specifically, try to conceive for 6 months before you can do anything about it. Why don’t you just punch ME in the face?! Because that’s what that feels like when you say that. UGH!!!

Should I be concerned about these super low temps? I read somewhere recently that temps below 97.5 and into the 96’s could indicate hypothyroidism. Now I know that’s just a generalization, but is there some truth to that? Gosh, if so I want to get my thyroid checked NOW — not after we’ve tried, hoped for a BFP, and come out disappointed 2-3 more months. And especially not after we’ve conceived, if it happens between now and then. If we conceive I will demand thyroid testing, but I don’t want to endanger my baby’s life if I know I can check something now.

I don’t know what to do. Can (or should) I insist on getting at least my thyroid checked? Or am I jumping the gun?

As a side note, I really feel that OBs and their nurses should treat women who have had a pregnancy or infant loss differently than others simply trying to conceive. Trying for 6 months means something totally different to us. We are hurting. For many of us, myself included, getting pregnant again as fast as possible would be so emotionally and mentally healing. I really wish more doctors understood that and were sympathetic to it. I really wish they would be more open to letting us do something about it if we feel there may be something wrong — and all that stands between us knowing and not knowing is a simple blood test. COME ON.


2 thoughts on “95.96

  1. I couldn’t have put this any better! Every cycle that passes by brings about different emotions for us than it does for someone who is trying without a loss. I seriously don’t get the waiting until you’ve wasted a period of time during your supposed fertile years. If you can afford it, why not do it!

    Beyond that, I know nothing about BBT charting. I am on my first month of it. I have looked at many and haven’t seen one that has such high to low temps prior to ovulation. I’m sure you probably have been there but I get advice about charting from the baby center boards that are specifically about charting. (I stay away from the delusional boards ha!) Good luck!!

    • Thanks Alexis! I have looked at some charts online but honestly not many. I’m starting to get restless because I feel my charts are screaming at me that something is off! I think what I’ll do is talk it through with J (what I call my husband on this blog) and see if we can figure out what to do next, together. (When it comes to ttc, I tend to decide things and then fill him in on them, so I know he’ll appreciate hearing what I’m thinking early on…haha.) Then maybe I’ll call my doc and give them a Shakespearean-style speech about how I deserve to be taken seriously and I won’t take “come back after 6 months” for an answer! 🙂 Thanks for your sweet concern! Good luck with your BBT charting!

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