Need Prayers Today

I’m having just an awful awful day, and it’s only noon. I got a yeast infection this weekend that’s gotten worse despite doing all kinds of stuff to treat it, I am nauseous and just generally feeling woozy today (so much so that I didn’t want coffee this morning which is not like me), and I’m slammed at work with deadlines and really important stuff — some of it writing, lots of writing, which is what I dread most (my writing is slow and super choppy, and I hate the insecurity that comes with it whenever I sit down to write). On top of all that, I’m feeling immense anxiety and a cloud of darkness just sitting on me. Not the best mental state to work in, or even function properly in.

I had to get on here to vent, because I’m about to lose it already. I’m praying, but I think I need others to pray for me, too. If anyone out there reads this and will pray for me, please do. I’m being mentally, emotionally, and physically attacked it feels like, and I desperately need peace from God today… and healing. Healing that only He can bring.

Thanks in advance.

I opened my Bible randomly this morning to see what the heck is going on, see if I could get a word from God just for me. I landed on this:

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. — John 1:5

It’s good to be reminded that the darkness will not overcome God’s light, even on days like today. That no matter what it seems like, God is still there. It’s kept me going the past 3 hours. I thought maybe if I put it here it might help someone else today, too.

I also read this on a friend’s Facebook page this weekend, and I just love it:

True faith is trusting God, even in the darkness. Greater faith is trusting that the darkness is just a tiny, black speck in the beautiful masterpiece He’s painting.

It gave me peace about a lot of things.


2 thoughts on “Need Prayers Today

    • Thank you! You have no idea how good it feels to know someone is praying for you when you need it most. I’m sorry you were having a hard time yesterday. I just stopped to pray for you as well. Hope today is better!

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