It’s either too early to be detected or I’m out this month. Hopefully if I’m out, my body will decide to be gracious and just hit me with my next period soon. Like now. Let’s get this over with.



4 thoughts on “Negative.

  1. Sorry to hear you didn’t get the BFP you were hoping for. You did say that you were only 7-11 DPO so it might be too early but I would hate for you to get your hopes up as I know how horrid the TWW is, particularly if you can’t help but symptom spot. The one thing I would say is try not to read too much into symptoms as it is true what they say about every pregnancy being different. I’ve had two so far and they were completely different in terms of symptoms. In fact sadly the only similarity was that they both ended in miscarriage. I’ll have my fingers crossed for a BFP for you x

    • You’re right, it’s probably too early to test regardless of the result. The TWW makes all women crazy, I guess — makes us want to test “just in case” it shows up super early, which we know is not likely! (I got my BFP last time at 15DPO, but it was a very dark line and I didn’t test leading up to that day.)

      I feel like I shouldn’t complain this month (or anytime in the next few months) because it’s only the first cycle we’ve officially tried since our mc. I am SO blessed to not have to desperately struggle to conceive like other women, and that’s all I keep thinking when I start to cry over this. Thanks for being understanding and not telling me to shut up! And definitely thanks for telling me about the differences in your symptoms. I haven’t really thought about how it could be very different this time. I guess I just assumed my body would do the same thing. I know sometimes men think we’re crazy but THIS IS WHY!! We can’t rely on our own bodies to do what we think makes perfect sense. Alas, we’ll see if the witch shows up this weekend or by Wed. of next week. (My luteal phase was 13 days before my mc; not sure if it changes after you have a mc…do you know?)

      • I’m happy to see that you were feeling a bit more positive after you had written this post but don’t ever feel like you aren’t justified in feeling down just because other people have difficulty conceiving. Everyone’s feelings are relative to themselves and the fact that there may be someone in the world worst off than you doesn’t mean that what you’re going through is any less rubbish!

        I’m afraid I haven’t been charting or ovulation testing so I’m not sure how cycles change following a miscarriage but I’ve read that they can take a few cycles to get back to normal although we conceived again on the second cycle so for me it was a bit too soon to tell. How are you doing now? Did you have a good weekend with your mum? Any sign of AF (or BFP) yet?

        • That’s nice of you to say! But yeah I guess that’s true… you only know what you yourself have been through, and you can’t speak for anyone else so they shouldn’t speak for you either. Well put.

          Nashville was fun! Got AF the day after I got back so we’re on to the next cycle…but at least I got out of town and did something fun 🙂

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