Son of a biscuit eater who has stolen my lunch money and given me a wedgie!!!

I had the crappiest day yesterday. I felt like I progressed 10 steps over the last 3 months only to fall 7 steps back all in one day. I cried a lot, I was pissy (I hate that word because it’s not classy but whatever), and all afternoon I just wanted to hit things and sulk. It was a bad day, amidst my many, many good ones since my miscarriage.

So I resolved to not open Facebook the rest of the week.

The trouble is, I use Facebook for work. I have to update my work page, and have to look around for things on Facebook to see if the people we work with are up to anything cool, and then re-post it when they are.

So I opened up Facebook this morning dead-set on typing in the search bar at the top and not looking below at my feed. I will not look, I will not look. I will not feel like I felt yesterday. That really sucked.

My eyes shifted for probably 0.3 seconds and I saw… you guessed it… ANOTHER pregnancy announcement.

This one from a girl who had a baby this past December. This is #2. ALREADY. No joke. You just can’t make this stuff up.

And she’s in that same church group I mentioned earlier.

When can a girl catch a break?? For the love of PETE!!!! Go away go away go away!!!

I guess it’s just going to be one of those weeks…


2 thoughts on “Son of a biscuit eater who has stolen my lunch money and given me a wedgie!!!

  1. Hope you’re ok lovely. I’ve spent most of the past 24 hours in tears too … because a Prince was born!! LOL!! Nothing so ridiculous but I saw Will & Kate bring their newborn onto the hospital steps and that was me done for! and then I watched it repeated about 25 times and then the news channel started showing clips of Charles & Diana when Will was born and that made me worse. Then today the newspapers were full of the snaps, so I bought one of course so I could cry some more. Then I tried to bake cakes for work and they went wrong and that was that, a complete melt down in the kitchen. But now I feel better 🙂 Hope you do too! x

    P.S Re: Facebook, I often have “announcements” show up and I do this … go to the page of the person who made said announcement, hover over the “friends” button and deselect “show in news feed” then I can happily go about my day without seeing their pregnancy/baby/children/teenager related posts and they are none the wiser. Every now and again I go to their page and like a post or two so it looks like I’m still reading 😉 Cunning and guile xx

    • I’m doing much, much better than I was Monday and Tuesday. Thank you! It was just one of those things, and now I feel kind of silly that I sulked the way I did about how life’s not fair. Childish, even… even though I know everyone has their moments and grief is a weird thing. I guess it’s a delayed part of grief? I think I really feel bad because if I get pregnant in the next couple of months I’ll think, “People are going to think I’m nuts, crying and making a thing out of this, and look, now I’m pregnant too…I shouldn’t be the one complaining…the ones that get to complain are those that either can’t have kids or have a really hard time getting pregnant…compared to them, I have it easy”)

      I’m sorry you are having a rough week, too! I hope you got some crying out so you feel better now. Sometimes you just need to do that. And with all the attention on a new baby this week, front and center, it’s bound to dig up some tough emotions for you even if you are happy in general about what’s going on. Give yourself a break — it’s not like you can get away from the news! Maybe the meltdown at the end was just what you needed. I know I do sometimes!

      And yes — I plan on going in today and hiding some news feeds! Thanks for the tip. I think that will help. I do want take a huge gulp, go in and congratulate one friend in particular (which is so much easier to do in a quick FB comment than in person or an email), but after that, I’m taking a hiatus from their feeds!

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