Will the Kate News Ever End?!

She's so adorable.

She’s so adorable.  …..Dang her.

Of course news of the Duchess’ pregnancy is everywhere. But I, like other women reeling from a miscarriage or trying to conceive, I’m sure, are pretty tired of it by now. I can’t turn on the news–or any channel for that matter–without seeing her bump or hearing the excitement in the news anchors’ voices (that’s the worst!).

This is just my soapbox for the day. I had to get it out.

Ahhh… I feel better.


3 thoughts on “Will the Kate News Ever End?!

  1. I find that if someone at work etc is pregnant, it really gets to me and I feel like they’re making every attempt to “rub my nose in it”. However, with Will & Kate I’m really excited and I’m regularly checking for news! My Brother lives in London and is on permanent baby watch and I’m loving his updates (he’s a very amusing guy). Every time my Mum phones, she comments that there’s “no news yet!” – like the baby is family. Maybe it’s because we’re British, but this is a very exciting time for my Royal loving family lol x

    • I hope I didn’t offend you! It’s really sweet that your family is so excited about it! And I’ll admit, Kate is super cute. I think it would be different for me if I were British, too. Much more personal. I think because it’s plastered all over the news in America, it kind of drives me crazy, even though I adore Will and Kate. I’ve also just entered the trying to conceive phase again, and am not sure how long it could take, maybe that’s why it’s hard to constantly see a cute pregnant woman on TV! 🙂

      • You didn’t offend me at all! and I do think it’s because I’m British that I care so much about it, the wedding in 2011, the Jubilee in 2012 and now a baby in 2013 … it’s really made the Royal Family the centre of attention again. My Mother & Brother have always been mad on them, every Royal occasion was an event in our house growing up and my Mum went to London for both the wedding (outside the Palace) and the Jubilee (stood by the Thames), it’s just something I’ve grown up with. Every other pregnancy gets to me but for some reason this one doesn’t. Good luck conceiving, I wish I was so brave! xx

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